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Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The Peacham Elementary School is a community of learners and teachers dedicated to developing the ability of each individual to think and communicate clearly, to explore the world, to make responsible decisions, and to have concern for the common good.

 Vision Statements

Learning Styles

*Students are provided learning opportunities that address their individual needs, learning styles, and unique abilities in a positive way.

Learning Community

*Teachers and administrators establish and maintain a safe and positive school climate that nurtures development and learning. The school environment emphasizes trust, cooperation, and respect, and values diverse backgrounds, cultures, and intelligences.  Learning is connected to Peacham’s rich historical, scientific, artistic, and agricultural opportunities.  The school uses the outdoors as an extension of classroom learning. 


*Students demonstrate proficiency in academics and the arts through problem solving and creative skills.  Teaching includes diverse, experiential, and project-based learning opportunities.  The school sets high standards and personalized goals, encourages healthy risk-taking, and provides positive recognition for achievement.

Lifelong Learners

*Through the school, community, and family, students are taught the skills, knowledge, and habits that inspire within them a love of learning, sustained by curiosity and a passion for discovery.


*Students become responsible, confident, involved citizens of their school, community, the natural environment, and wider world.  The school, family, and community are responsible for instilling skills, knowledge, attitudes, and information relevant to producing accomplished citizens.  Students are prepared for transition and engage independently with society outside of school in ways that are productive and satisfying.